• super gl анализатор



  • 180 samples / hour

The automatic glucose and lactate analyzer Super GL is designed for determination of glucose and lactate in venous and capillary blood, serum and plasma. High accuracy of measurements is ensured by the presence of a modern pump with a glass syringe. The analyzer's photometric corrector calculates the hematocrit and converts the glucose values in the whole blood to the plasma values.

  • Modern biosensor determination
  • The analyzer has several calibration modes
  • Rotor for 30 sample positions and unit for 6 positions for calibrators, controls and urgent (STAT) tests
  • Analysis data and messages are displayed to color touchscreen display and printer, built-in or external
  • User-friendly menu
  • Memory for 1000 tests
super gl анализатор
super gl анализатор
super gl анализатор
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