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Affordable high-quality products for export market.
АО Диакон-ДС
АО Диакон-ДС
АО Диакон-ДС

Joint Stock Company "DIAKON-DS" is a high-tech, science-based manufacturer, which produces goods of international quality at attractive prices for Russian consumers. The main business of the company is production of ready to use liquid stable reagents for in vitro diagnostics. JSC “DIAKON-DS” was founded in 1998 for the production of domestic liquid reagents for biochemistry that could compete with imported reagents in the Russian market and would have more reasonable prices for Russian consumers.

Formation and development of JSC “DIAKON-DS” manufacturing was going in close cooperation with “DiaSys Diagnostic Systems GmbH” (Germany), the recognized world leader in IVD diagnostics. In 2013 the strategic agreement on the technology and know-how transfer between the JSC "DIAKON-DS" (Russia) and “DiaSys Diagnostic Systems GmbH” (Germany) . Thus, the production of the reagents of "DiaS" line using German technology on manufacturing site of JSC "DIAKON- DS" began. During 2014-2016 in the terms of this agreement the complete production cycle of 23 kits of “DiaS” line was successfully mastered.

Nowadays JSC "DIAKON-DS" produces 47 types of diagnostic kits of “DDS” line and 23 types of diagnostic kits of “DiaS” line. Every kit has a registration certificate issued by Federal Service of Health Care (Roszdravnadzor).

The reagents of “DDS” line are produced according to JSC "DIAKON-DS"’ own technologies and designed for use on semi-automatic biochemical analyzers.


The reagents of “DiaS” line are produced in system bottles and designed for use on different automatic biochemical analyzers, such as:


Furuno CA-270 / CA-400
Dirui CST240 / CS600B / CS800
Sapphire 400-24 / 400-36
BioSystems A15 / A25
Konelab 20 / 30/60
Mindray 120/200/300/380/400
Respons 910
BioMajesty JCA-BM6010 / C

Highly qualified personnel, outstanding production standards and strict quality control of the products allow the company to produce high-quality world-class product.

JSC "DIAKON-DS" has certified management system in accordance with international and Russian standard ISO 13485, as well as the CE mark for the whole range of the products.

The process of reagent kits production is performed on the territory of manufacturing facilities with an area of 600 m2. The total production area of JSC "DIAKON-DS", including offices, warehouse and support facilities is 2000 m2.

There are six refrigerating chambers with total estimated volume of 500 m3.

Production facilities have a barrier access. The staff working on the production uses protective clothing and personal protective equipment.

In order to confirm the quality of production, the company controls the characteristics of the product on every stage of its production

- Incoming inspection of raw materials;

- Monitoring of the product on the stages of its life cycle;

- Quality control of the finished product.

The company successfully participates in the system of external quality control program EQAS, conducted by Bio-Rad Laboratories (USA), and is included in the top hundreds of the best companies among the tens of thousands of the participants of this program. Since2014 JSC “DIAKON-DS” has been participating in the Russian system of external quality control FSVOK.

JSC “DIAKON-DS" is actively working towards import substitution under the auspices of the Association of Russian producers of clinical laboratory diagnostics (APCLD), Federation of Laboratory Medicine and the Industry and Trade Ministry of Russia.

the date of its foundation in 1998, the company has been annually introducing new effective analytical systems to the IVD market and at the same time paying great attention to the improvement of already existing products and development of new business directions such as hematology and coagulation reagents.

In 2016 the production site of a full cycle production of import analyzers for in vitro diagnostics (SKD business) was organized on the basis of JSC "DIAKON-DS", as well as a Department for Development and Production of Russian diagnostic analytical systems.

Effective management, high-tech production and scientific potential of the company allow meet the needs of the most demanding customer. The main objective of the company is to provide every diagnostic laboratory with necessary high quality products at attractive prices.

Quality Management System

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