Reagents for hematology research.

During 2017 year JSC “DIAKON-DS” in close cooperation with LABEX Reagens AB, Sweden, worked on a localization project for hematology reagents production. During the preparation of the production, several trainings were organized on the development of new technologies and the organization of the production site for hematological reagents. The start of the hematology reagents sales is scheduled for the beginning of the second half of 2018 year.

From December 4 to December 8, 2017, regular exhibition “PharmMedProm 2017” was held in Moscow. With the support of the Federation of Laboratory Medicine (Russia), a booth of Russian manufacturers of products for laboratory medicine was organized. Within the framework of the exhibition interesting program of reports and presentations from various Russian producers was presented and a number of cooperation agreements were signed. JSC “DIAKON-DS” presented on the booth new products – reagents for hematological studies and semi-automatic biochemical analyzer of the Russian assembly.

From 13 to 17 November, the international exhibition “MEDICA 2017” (Germany) was held..
For the first time, Russia presented a consolidated booth of Russian manufacturers of medical laboratory diagnostics under the auspices of Federation of Laboratory Medicine (Russia). The company JSC “DIAKON-DS” was included in the list of exhibitors and presented its products on a collective booth. During the exhibition, our company held business meetings with partners, and also established new contacts.

Within the framework of the state program “Import substitution”, our company effectively works in the direction of localization of products of foreign manufacturers. In mid-2016, JSC DIAKON-DS signed an agreement with RAL TECNICA PARA EL LABORATORIO, SA, Spain on the transfer of technologies for assembling Semi-automatic biochemical analyzer CLIMA MC-15. In September 2017 the team of engineers from JSC “DIAKON-DS” assembled the first batch of analyzers. We are pleased to inform you that you can purchase the Semi-automatic biochemical analyzer CLIMA MC-15 on Russian Market from our partner – the company DIAKON JSC (, tel: (495) 980-63-39) and from JSC “DAIKON-DS” directly in foreign markets.

Since August 2014, the “DiaS” line is available in system bottles for the following automatic analyzers:

  • Furuno СA-180/CA-270/CA-400
  • Dirui CS-T240/CS-300B/ CS-400B/CS-600B/CS-800
  • Sapphire 400-24 / 400-36
  • BioSystems A-15/A-25
  • Konelab 20/30/60
  • Mindray BS-120/BS-200/ BS-300/ BS-380/BS-400/ BS-480
  • 1
  • 2
Concerning the purchase of products
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