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Quality Control

The Quality Control Department of «DIAKON-DS» JSC

The multi-level system of the quality control of the products at all stages of its production operates in the company:

  • All the reagents, raw materials and packaging for the production of the reagent kits undergo the entrance quality control.
  • The quality control department verifies compliance with technical specifications each series of the products and gives the passports for each series.
  • Monitoring of the analytical characteristics of the archival kits from each series is carried out during the whole period of the validity.
  • The department’s job is annually controlled by the external quality assessment program EQAS (Bio-Rad) and the similar federal program FSVOK.
  • The staff of the department are highly qualified specialists with the experience in the specialized institutions and in the research institutes.

Quality Control Certificates

Сертификаты АО Диакон-ДС
Сертификаты АО Диакон-ДС
Сертификаты АО Диакон-ДС
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